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Transfer AE: Transfer Avid and FCP7 projects to Adobe After Effects

Transfer AE is an Adobe After Effects plug-in that seamlessly transfers Avid Media Composer and Apple FCP7 program sequences to Adobe After Effects. New to Version 3, the Avid to After Effects workflow allows direct import and translation of Avid AAF format files.

Every component, fully editable

Transfer AE preserves every Avid or Final Cut Pro project component including edits, cuts, dissolves, and treatments; and all trimmed Avid Media Composer and Apple FCP7 clips remain fully-editable in Adobe After Effects as stepped-up or stepped-down layers.

Preserves media, look & feel

All media elements are preserved including alpha channel information and masks; audio tracks may be disregarded or all video and/or audio tracks pre-composed during import. Translated projects will look familiar with user marks, comments and labels for clips and sequences, and all user-defined names carried across from FCP7 or Avid to After Effects.

Boris Continuum Complete compatible

Transfer AE uniquely translates Boris Continuum Complete effects used in Avid or FCP7 projects to corresponding BCC effects in After Effects. Continuum Complete filter effects provide the same look and keyframe values for every parameter.

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