axle ai Gear 2

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axle ai Gear is an integrated system which combines the power of the new Apple Mac mini with axle ai’s browser-based, AI-capable media management, workflow and transcode software. Each axle ai Gear 2 comes preconfigured and ready to use on two Mac minis, each equipped with 3.2GHz 6-core Intel i7 CPUs, 16GB of upgradable RAM, 256GB of SSD and 8 Terabytes of external hard disk storage and a 10 Gigabit Ethernet network port.

One Mac mini runs:

  • axle ai 2018 AI-capable, browser-based media management software, with a 5 user license
  • axle ai’s Advanced Transcode module with support for R3D and ARRI as well as other 4K formats
  • Apple’s macOS Mojave operating system
and the second Mac mini runs:
  • axle ai’s new connectr workflow automation software
  • Apple’s macOS Mojave operating system

axle ai Gear configurations are compatible with almost any networked storage, including SAN, NAS, object/cloud and LTO tape technologies.

axle ai Gear 2 comes with a one-year warranty on all hardware, and a one-year contract for maintenance and updates on all software.

Interested in using AI to tag your media? Give us a call at 1(617) 262-9222 or email to learn about AI upgrades for axle 2018.